About the Foundation

A non-profit organization, the North Polk Schools Foundation was formed in December of 1998, but it wasn’t until more recently, around 2004, that the group really started to function in a meaningful way. Since that time the Foundation has steadily grown to include 18 board members and 3 advisory board members.

Our mission is to enhance the educational opportunities for students. By offering support, the Foundation is working to ensure high quality education in the North Polk Community School District. We support all facets, groups, clubs, classes, and teachers of the district. In short, we raise money and we give it away.

The 2009-2010 school year has been a successful one:

  • Our scholarship program for graduating seniors continues to be well accepted. With donations specified for this purpose in addition to using our own general fund, we awarded two $500 and two $250 scholarships.
  • We awarded eleven $250 enrichment grants for teachers
  • With the Polk County Community Betterment Grant, a donation from the Lakeside Church, and the district, we were able to provide acoustical tile treatments to the West Elementary gym.
  • With a grant from Pioneer and a sizable private donation from Bob Lund we have facilitated improvements to the high school green house.
  • We are in the process of purchasing 2 digital projector systems for classrooms through a Polk County Community Betterment grant.
  • The ongoing Recognition Award Program continues to grow. This year three more recipients, Ron Locker, Bill Cain, and Gabe Schott, were honored for their contributions to North Polk Schools.

“As long as there are students at North Polk, and as long as we are a foundation in good standing, there is money to be raised and given away. With this tremendous group of people, each with their own gifts of service, we will continue to grow, be productive, and have fun in the process.”

Kelly Bruggeman

North Polk Schools Foundation President

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